A Queen's Stories


Appearances and performances as a freelance Living History Interpreter since July 2021:

30th September: “Elisabeth – Beauty and Myth“. Performing together with Elisabeth-researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis at the Library of Jászfényszaru, a short extract of the presentation is available here.

25th June 2022: holding cércle and children’s programme at Savaria Museum, Szombathely, within the frames of Museums’ Night.

21-22nd May 2022: at the Hungarian National Museum’s May Day picnics of Museums, where more than a hundred people were interested in our programme “Audience at Queen Elisabeth“.

22nd January and 18th February 2022: writing and performing the programme “Audience at Queen Elisabeth” with Károly Dittera Living History Interpreter, relating to the temporary exhibition “The Wittelsbachs – Sisi’s family“.

4th December 2021: writing and performing the programme “…my beloved Possi. Meeting Queen Elisabeth“, relating to the temporary exhibition “The Wittelsbachs – Sisi’s family“.

7th October 2021: at the presentation of writer and Queen Elisabeth-researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis’s book “Erzsébet királyné és a magyarok. Barátság vagy szerelem?” as the Queen’s impersonator related to the temporary exhibition “Sisi- Queen in black and white

Appearances and performances as an employee of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, between April 2019 and June 2021:

Articles are written by me in Hungarian (1, 2) about Elisabeth as a mother on the blog of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő.

Article was written by me in Hungarian about Elisabeth’s eating habits on the blog of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő.

2021: In the commercial film of the Hungarian Turistic Agency (MTÜ) for a Spanish audience.

14th November 2020: guest on the TV programme “Család-Barát” with musical actress Kata Janza.

31st October 2020: impersonating Queen Elisabeth in the short movie “The everyday-life of Queen Elisabeth in Gödöllő” within the frames of tender “Living History Differently“.

22nd October 2020: guest of comedian Sándor Fábry in Fábry Show, a short extract of the programme available here.

12nd October 2020: interview together with fashion designer Mónika Czédly for Kossuth Radio, at the National Gallop.

10th September 2020: in the TV programme “I am Here!” with Nóra Réti presenter.

Summer 2020: Commercial for national and international market by the Hungarian Turistic Agency and article in English on WOW Hungary website.

On “Hungary waits you back!” posters all around the country as a civilian and the impersonator of Queen Elisabeth.

In the commercialHungary waits you back!”

25th April 2020: Radio1 live streaming with Hungarian star DJs.

February 2020: Interview in Hungarian for Turista Magazine.

2020: In Dóra Kovács’s book “A királyék megint itthon vannak” readers can see photos of me.

Christmas 2019: interview with presenter Kata Boldizsár on M1 channel.

28th December 2019: “Christmas of Queen Elisabeth” family day in the Palace.

24th June 2019: in the TV programme “On the Road” with actress Evelin Dobos.

15-18th May 2019: appearance at the West China Trade and Investment Expo, Chongquing, China.