A Queen's Stories

Available programs

The possibilities offered by Living History are very wide. Below you can read about the most popular program forms. In addition, you have the opportunity to order a unique presentation tailored to your ideas.

Museum exhibition tour: “Queen Elisabeth” guides guests through the exhibition, telling about her life and memories. With this, the visitor can get to know not only the exhibited objects but also Elisabeth’s life from a more special, personal perspective. The tour can be kept full by the interpreter or together with a guide of the museum.

Living History performance: the audience can watch one or more topics related to a certain exhibition/venue turned into the form of a shorter or longer theatrical performance. Our program entitled “Audience at Queen Elisabeth” held at the Hungarian National Museum together with Károly Dittera Living History Interpreter can also be included here, the tickets were sold out every time before the performances. It can be carried out with one performer, but it makes a deep impression if at least two perform. I am happy to help you invite more interpreters.

Casual conversation: the most popular form of it is the so-called cércle, where “Queen Elisabeth” is sitting at a certain point in a room, and guests can go to talk to her and take photos with her, with the help of a coordinator (who can be a member of the institution’s staff, too). This form is ideal if more program options are available that day, such as a family day, but it can be a fresh spot in itself.

Interactive session: this form of program is recommended for children. For example, they can learn the „secret” fan language, learn about the fashion of the era, or find out what a royal child’s day was like. The interpreter will provide the necessary tools for this.

Professional performance: A Living History Interpreter must have an in-depth knowledge of not only their character, but also the given age and customs, and has to be able to present this. The program can be implemented either alone or in association with a specialist on the subject, for example in the form of a lighter roundtable discussion. For example, I am in touch with the Elisabeth-researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis, the writer of the book „Queen Elisabeth and Hungarians – Friendship or love?” and Mónika Czédly, the internationally renowned creator of Elisabeth’s dress reconstructions, so they can be invited to hold a performance together.

Theatre performance and film: in recent years, I have also portrayed Queen Elisabeth in commercials and historical films. I always strive to shape Her Majesty as authentically as possible, so if you choose me, you can be sure that I will do a job that meets your expectations and preserves the memory of Elisabeth worthily.

Other options: if you have any other ideas instead of the options listed here, feel free to contact me! Living History is a truly diverse profession, we will surely find a form and way that can suit your ideas.